General legal services in Murwillumbah & Cabarita Beach


At Hynes & McCormack we stand by our clients each step of the way from providing practical advice to support throughout court appearances. We'll demystify the often-complex world of legal jargon, putting it into plain English.

Our Tweed Coast solicitor, Peter McCormack, will assess your legal concerns and offer direction or representation where required. In highly complex cases, we may refer you to one of our trusted lawyer specialists with in-depth experience where your particular needs lie. We pride ourselves on offering a warm and welcoming environment, where you will feel comfortable to openly discuss your legal requirements.

For further information or to discuss your legal concerns, please contact us today.

Conveyancing NSW & QLD

Hynes & McCormack is electronic conveyancing accredited (ECA). The move to using digital processes minimises the amount of paperwork associated with property settlement. It allows lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions to lodge documents and complete financial settlements electronically.

This drastically reduces the risk of errors and delays to ensure your property investment is streamlined and settled in a timely manner. E-conveyancing is fast, safe and efficient. There's no need to attend settlements in person and it also allows us to complete transfers, linked settlements, lodge and withdraw caveats or encumbrances in real time.

Criminal Law & Traffic Matters

We provide legal assistance involving bail applications, committal hearings, trial defence and plea bargaining. If required, we can provide support during police interviews and explain your rights to ensure you understand your options.

For exceptionally complex matters, we may refer you to one of our trusted law colleagues who specialises in the criminal matter at hand. If you have been charged with a crime or traffic offence, contact us today.

Wills & Estate

Creating a Will In the event of your death, a will ensures your assets are correctly distributed to your loved ones. If you suspect your will may be contested, it's important to ensure its legally binding prior to your passing. You will need to nominate an executor (someone that ensures your wishes are carried out. Often, it's best to select someone who is not emotionally invested in your assets. Talk to us today about drawing up a will today.

Contesting a Will

This is becoming an ever expanding part of legal practice. The law provides that if you feel that you have not been adequately provided for in a will you may have a right to claim for a greater share. These are commonly called Family Provision Claims and if your need can be demonstrated then you may have a claim an you need to seek advice promptly as there is a 12 month time limit.

The validity of a will may be contested on certain grounds such as duress or the deceased not having capacity and you may be able to have the will declared null and void.


In some instances when a death occurs, in order to ensure the person's last wishes are carried out, probate may be required. Probate (as defined in The Australian Commercial dictionary) is the offical grant of the court to an executor of the right to deal with the testator's property. The executor proves the will and receives a grant of probate. In many instances a Grant of Probate is not required but this will depend on the assets of the estate and the requirement of the financial institutions or banks.

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